A Letter to God MCQ: Understanding the Story and its Themes

The short story “A Letter to God” by Gregorio Lopez y Fuentes is a thought-provoking tale that explores the themes of faith, human nature, and the power of belief. Through the story, the author raises important questions about the nature of God and the role of religion in our lives. In this article, we will delve into the story, analyze its key elements, and provide multiple-choice questions (MCQs) to test your understanding. Let’s begin!

The Story: A Letter to God

“A Letter to God” tells the story of Lencho, a poor farmer who relies on his crops for survival. One year, a terrible hailstorm destroys his entire crop, leaving him and his family in despair. In a desperate attempt to seek help, Lencho decides to write a letter to God, asking for a hundred pesos to help him recover from the loss.

Lencho’s faith in God is unwavering, and he believes that God will answer his plea. He writes the letter with utmost sincerity and addresses it simply to “God” without mentioning any specific location. Lencho then takes the letter to the post office, where the postmaster, amused by the farmer’s innocence, decides to help him.

When the postmaster and his employees read the letter, they are moved by Lencho’s faith and decide to collect money for him. They manage to gather seventy pesos, which they send to Lencho in an envelope. Lencho, upon receiving the envelope, is disappointed to find only seventy pesos instead of the hundred he had requested. He becomes convinced that someone must have stolen the remaining thirty pesos.

Lencho writes another letter to God, expressing his disappointment and asking for the missing money. He seals the letter and hands it to the postmaster, who is once again touched by the farmer’s faith. The postmaster decides to contribute the missing thirty pesos from his own pocket and sends the envelope to Lencho.

Lencho, upon receiving the second envelope, is overjoyed to find a hundred pesos. He believes that God has answered his prayers and is grateful for the miracle. The story ends with Lencho’s unwavering faith in God, despite the challenges he faced.

Themes Explored in “A Letter to God”

The story “A Letter to God” explores several themes that resonate with readers. Let’s take a closer look at these themes:

1. Faith and Belief

The central theme of the story is faith and belief in God. Lencho’s unwavering faith in God’s ability to help him is evident throughout the story. Despite the hailstorm destroying his crops, Lencho remains hopeful and believes that God will answer his plea for help. His faith is so strong that he writes a letter to God, expecting a direct response. The story raises questions about the power of faith and the role it plays in our lives.

2. Human Nature

“A Letter to God” also explores the complexities of human nature. Lencho’s innocence and trust in God contrast with the postmaster’s initial amusement and later admiration for the farmer’s faith. The story highlights the capacity for compassion and generosity that exists within individuals, as seen in the postmaster’s decision to contribute his own money to fulfill Lencho’s request. It reminds us that even in difficult times, acts of kindness and empathy can prevail.

3. The Power of Perception

The story also touches upon the power of perception. Lencho’s perception of God is one of a benevolent and all-powerful being who can grant his wishes. His unwavering belief in this perception drives him to write the letter and seek help. On the other hand, the postmaster’s perception of Lencho’s faith evolves from amusement to admiration, leading him to take action. The story prompts us to reflect on how our perceptions shape our actions and interactions with others.

Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs)

Now that we have explored the story and its themes, let’s test your understanding with some multiple-choice questions:

  1. What does Lencho do after his crops are destroyed?

    • a) He writes a letter to God asking for help.
    • b) He gives up and accepts his fate.
    • c) He seeks assistance from his neighbors.
    • d) He confronts the postmaster for not helping him.
  2. What does Lencho request in his letter to God?

    • a) A hundred pesos
    • b) A new farm
    • c) A job in the city
    • d) A miracle
  3. How much money does Lencho receive in the first envelope?

    • a) Seventy pesos
    • b) A hundred pesos
    • c) Thirty pesos
    • d) No money
  4. What does Lencho believe happened to the missing money?

    • a) God took it
    • b) The postmaster stole it
    • c) Someone at the post office stole it
    • d) It got lost in the mail
  5. Who contributes the missing thirty pesos?

    • a) Lencho’s neighbors
    • b) The postmaster
    • c) God
    • d) The post office employees


“A Letter to God” is a captivating short story that explores themes of faith, human nature, and the power of belief. Through the story of Lencho, the author raises important questions about the nature of God and the role of religion in our lives. The story highlights the unwavering faith of the protagonist and the compassion of the postmaster, reminding us of the power of faith and acts of kindness. By delving into the story and answering the multiple-choice questions, we gain a deeper understanding of the themes and messages conveyed.

So, how well did you do on the MCQs? Did you grasp the essence of the story and its underlying themes? Remember, “A Letter to God” is not just a tale of a farmer’s plea for help; it

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