2024 Kerala Lottery Weekly Chart Update


Keeping up with the weekly updates of the Kerala Lottery is essential for those interested in trying their luck and winning big prizes. The Kerala State Lotteries Department conducts various weekly lottery draws, offering the participants a chance to win substantial rewards.

Understanding the Kerala Lottery Weekly Chart

The Kerala Lottery Weekly Chart provides an overview of the different lotteries that are drawn each day of the week. It is crucial for players to stay informed about the schedule, prizes, and results to maximize their chances of winning. The weekly chart helps them plan their ticket purchases efficiently and participate in the lotteries that offer the best odds and rewards.

Types of Kerala Lotteries

  1. Win-Win Lottery: The Win-Win lottery is drawn on Mondays, giving players a great start to their week with the chance to win significant prizes.

  2. Sthree Sakthi Lottery: Tuesdays are dedicated to the Sthree Sakthi lottery, which focuses on empowering women and providing them with opportunities to win big.

  3. Akshaya Lottery: The Akshaya lottery drawn on Wednesdays is known for its consistent prizes and exciting rewards.

  4. Karunya Plus Lottery: Thursdays bring the Karunya Plus lottery, which aims to support charitable causes while giving participants the chance to win generous prizes.

  5. Nirmal Weekly Lottery: Fridays are for the Nirmal Weekly lottery, promising a serene end to the week with its lucrative rewards.

  6. Karunya Lottery: Saturdays feature the Karunya lottery, which emphasizes the importance of healthcare by contributing to medical initiatives.

  7. Pournami Lottery: The week concludes with the Pournami lottery on Sundays, offering a grand finale with its impressive prize pool.

Key Highlights of the Kerala Lottery Weekly Chart Update for 2024

  • New Prize Structure: The Kerala State Lotteries Department has introduced a revised prize structure for 2024, offering more significant rewards to the winners.

  • Special Draw Events: Throughout the year, special draw events and bumper lotteries are conducted, providing players with additional opportunities to win exclusive prizes.

  • Digital Initiatives: The Kerala Lottery has embraced digital platforms for ticket purchases, result checking, and other services, making it more convenient for players to participate.

  • Transparency and Fairness: The Kerala State Lotteries Department is committed to ensuring transparency and fairness in all its draws, maintaining the trust of the participants.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. How can I purchase Kerala Lottery tickets?
  2. Kerala Lottery tickets can be bought from authorized agents, retailers, and online platforms.

  3. What is the price range of Kerala Lottery tickets?

  4. The price of Kerala Lottery tickets varies based on the type of lottery, ranging from INR 30 to INR 200.

  5. How can I check the Kerala Lottery results?

  6. The Kerala Lottery results are published on the official website, in newspapers, and through authorized agencies.

  7. What should I do if I win a Kerala Lottery prize?

  8. Winners need to submit their tickets along with valid identification to claim their prizes from the Kerala State Lotteries Department.

  9. Are Kerala Lotteries legal?

  10. Yes, Kerala Lotteries are legal and are conducted by the state government under strict regulations.


Staying informed about the Kerala Lottery Weekly Chart update for 2024 is crucial for enthusiasts looking to participate and potentially win exciting prizes. By understanding the different types of lotteries, prize structures, and important updates, players can enhance their lottery experience and increase their chances of hitting the jackpot. Stay tuned for the latest updates and make the most of your Kerala Lottery journey!

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