August 2023 Ekadashi Dates: Observing Fasting and Prayers


Ekadashi holds great significance in the Hindu calendar, as it marks the 11th day of both the waxing and waning lunar phases. Observing Ekadashi fasts is believed to cleanse the mind, body, and soul, and bring spiritual benefits to the individual. In August 2023, there are two Ekadashi dates that hold special importance for devotees seeking spiritual rejuvenation and blessings.

Significance of Ekadashi

The word Ekadashi is derived from ‘Ek’ meaning one, and ‘adashi’ meaning eleven, signifying the eleventh day of each lunar phase. These days are considered highly auspicious for devotees of Lord Vishnu, as it is believed that fasting on Ekadashi can help wash away negative karma, purify the mind, and bring one closer to God.

Benefits of Observing Ekadashi Fasts

  1. Spiritual Purification: Fasting on Ekadashi is believed to cleanse the soul, promote self-discipline, and enhance spiritual growth.

  2. Physical Detoxification: Fasting allows the body to detoxify by giving the digestive system a break, leading to improved health and vitality.

  3. Emotional Wellness: The self-discipline and control practiced during Ekadashi fasts can lead to emotional balance and mental clarity.

August 2023 Ekadashi Dates

  1. Kamika Ekadashi3rd August 2023 (Wednesday)

Kamika Ekadashi falls during the Shukla Paksha (waxing phase) of the Hindu month of Shravana. Devotees observe this fast to seek the blessings of Lord Vishnu for protection, prosperity, and fulfillment of desires.

  1. Pavitra Ekadashi18th August 2023 (Friday)

Pavitra Ekadashi falls during the Krishna Paksha (waning phase) of the Hindu month of Shravana. Observing fast on this day is believed to cleanse one’s sins and bestow blessings for a virtuous life.

How to Observe Ekadashi Fasts

  1. Abstain from Grains: Devotees avoid consuming grains like rice, wheat, and lentils during Ekadashi fasts. They opt for fruits, nuts, milk, and vegetables instead.

  2. Water and Fruits: Some devotees choose to consume only water and fruits throughout the day, while others may have a single meal without grains.

  3. Meditation and Bhajans: Engaging in meditation, chanting mantras, and singing devotional songs dedicated to Lord Vishnu are common practices during Ekadashi.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Can pregnant women observe Ekadashi fasts?

Pregnant women are often advised not to observe strict fasts. They can choose a partial fast by consuming fruits, milk, and light foods.

  1. What if someone is sick or unable to fast on Ekadashi?

Individuals who are unwell or unable to fast due to health reasons can engage in acts of charity, meditation, or listening to spiritual discourses as an alternative.

  1. Are children allowed to observe Ekadashi fasts?

In many families, children are encouraged to participate in Ekadashi by avoiding grains and consuming simple meals. It helps inculcate values of self-discipline and spirituality from a young age.

  1. Can Ekadashi fasts be broken with specific foods?

Traditionally, devotees break their fasts with a meal that includes items like sago (sabudana), fruits, nuts, and dairy products. Heavy or spicy foods are best avoided after Ekadashi fasting.

  1. Do Ekadashi fasts have any scientific benefits?

Fasting has been known to have various health benefits, including detoxification, weight management, and improved digestion. The periodic fasting observed on Ekadashi may offer similar advantages.


Observing Ekadashi fasts in August 2023 presents a wonderful opportunity for spiritual growth, self-discipline, and seeking blessings from the divine. By following the traditional practices associated with Ekadashi, devotees can experience a sense of inner peace, physical well-being, and alignment with their spiritual pursuits. May the upcoming Kamika Ekadashi and Pavitra Ekadashi bring prosperity, health, and joy to all those who observe this auspicious occasion with devotion and sincerity.

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